Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is a participant-directed service under the Home and Community Based Waiver program that allows individuals an opportunity to live independently.


This program is designed to give individuals the most flexibility and responsibility for directing their services and supports, including hiring and managing direct care staff and access to other supports such as technology, home and vehicle modifications, or equipment.


MRCI is proud to have been awarded the contract from MN DHS to provide Financial Management Services for our CDCS participants.  Anyone using CDCS must have a Fiscal Support Entity, like MRCI, and they must select one of three service models depending on the level of control and responsibilities desired.



Fiscal Employer Agent (FEA)/Payroll Model

MRCI pays your worker at your direction

      •  You are the employer of your staff

      •  MRCI-CDS acts as the fiscal employer agent:

          - MRCI-CDS provides payroll services

          - Withholds, files and pays federal and state employment taxes

          -Purchases goods and services as the Community Support Plan dictates.



Agency with Choice Model

MRCI provides employee management services designated by you.

You and MRCI are dual employers:

      • You are the managing employer

      • MRCI-CDS is employer of record:

          - MRCI-CDS completes the background check

          - Verifies employment eligibility

          - Issues payroll checks

          - Withholds and files employment taxes, furnishes employee with a W-2

          - Provides Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Unemployment

          - Supports you in your relationship with your employee.


Fiscal Support Entity

      •  MRCI-CDS pays you, vendors and other providers after services are provided and verified.

      •  You pay the support workers, providers and vendors directly for goods and services received.

      •  You are the employer.





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