In the State of Minnesota some individuals are eligible for a small monthly cash grant to assist in paying for goods and services, and occasionally payroll. These are assigned based on Minnesota Choices Assessment and is an alternative to Personal Care Assistance. MRCI-CDS acts as the Employer of Record for the individuals. In doing so, MRCI-CDS provides payroll services and withholds files and pays federal and state employment taxes. Also, MRCI-CDS reimburses the participant representative; vendors and other providers after services are provided and verified as approved.


Consumer Support Grant (CSG) Program


The Consumer Support Grant program is a state-funded alternative to Medicaid home care services of home health aide. The CSG Program provides clients with greater flexibility and freedom of choice in service selection, payment rates, service delivery specifications and employment of service providers. Parents, spouses, family members, trusted neighbors or friends can be paid for service.*


There are three models of services:


Fiscal Employer Agent (FEA)/Payroll Model

MRCI pays your worker at your direction

   • You are the employer of your staff

   • MRCI-CDS acts as the fiscal employer agent:

      - MRCI-CDS provides payroll services

      - Withholds, files and pays federal and state employment taxes -Purchases goods and services as the Community Support Plan dictates.


Agency with Choice Model

MRCI provides employee management services designated by you. You and MRCI are dual employers:

   • You are the managing employer

   • MRCI-CDS is employer of record:

    - MRCI-CDS completes the background check

    - Verifies employment eligibility

    - Issues payroll checks

    - Withholds and files employment taxes, furnishes employee with a W-2 - Provides Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Unemployment

    - Supports you in your relationship with your employee.


Fiscal Conduit

   • MRCI-CDS pays you, vendors and other providers after services are provided and verified.

   • You pay the support workers, providers and vendors directly for goods and services received.

   • You are the employer.


*Definitions from the Department of Human Services (DHS) Website

Bryson's Story

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“I have nine jars full of them!” exclaims Bryson.


At just five years old, his thoughtfulness and generosity go beyond his years.


“Bryson has been collecting coins to donate for the Fallenstein Playground,” explains his mom Beth. “He’s been collecting all summer and we’ll donate it all when the Fall baseball season ends in September.”



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