Direct Course


MRCI has been working with the College of Direct Support (Direct Course) to assist with the training requirements for the 245D licensed services. At this time all staff have been loaded into the Direct Course and trainings are available.


Under the 245D statute all employee are required to have 6 or 12 hours of training annually, this number is dependent on the number of years employed. MRCI will offer trainings throughout the year to ensure all staff has met their training requirement. MRCI will send communication to the Client Representative and to all employees through email and/or mail once more trainings are available.


Direct Course is a great tool for training staff. Since the trainings are available online staff have the option of listening, reading and/or watching videos may be available of the training material. A short quiz will follow and staff will have unlimited chances to pass the quiz. Once the quiz has been completed, MRCI will receive the results and will pay staff for their time. Time is allocated by Direct Course for each training.


Getting started: you will need to login to Direct Course. The Login is your first initial, last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number. The Password is hello; this is a generic password and all staff need to reset the password once successfully logged in. Staff are also require to enter an email address when changing the password. Please select an email address you check frequently as MRCI will email you notifications on when trainings are available.


Example: Login: jlux1234.

Password: hello


Click Here to access the College of Direct Support (Direct Course) website.


For Detailed Instructions on How to Access the Training, Click Here (PDF).



In addition to Direct Course, DHS requires workers to have additional training related to MRCI policies as well as DHS policies. These are required reading for all Personal Support and Respite Staff.


Emergency use of Manual Restraints - Allowed

Emergency use of Manual Restraints - Not Allowed

Maltreatment of Minors

Reporting: Reviewing Maltreatment of VA

Service Suspension and Termination

Data Privacy

Drug and Alcohol

Grievance Policy

Incidence Response

Safe Transportation

Universal Precaution


MRCI is available to support your training needs.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


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